Review of Wet N Wild products

Palette Coloricon 5-pan couleur Bouquet Floral de Wet n Wild 5$
Coloricon 5-pan Palette in Floral Value by Wet n Wild 5$ and swatches

The pigmentation is really good, even the light matte color shows on my lid, which is rare for a drugstore brand. There is a good mix of satins and mattes, which is perfect to make a complete look. The staying power is quite decent, but with an eyeprimer it is always better. The texture is really soft, but a little powdery, you need to tape off the excess product before applying it to your lid. Its compact packaging makes it easy to carry on and the rectangles of pigments are large enough to fit a brush into. The fact that every color has the place where to put it written makes it easier for beginners ou those lacking imagination.

Crayon à lèvres Coloricon couleur Fuchsia Fabuleux, Vin Brandy, Mûre Prune et Rouge Brique de Wet N Wild 2$ et swatches
Coloricon Lip Liner in Fab Fuchsia, Brandy Wine, Plumberry and Berry Red by Wet N Wild 2$ and swatches

The packaging is very long, which makes it hard to carry on, but it makes more product for the price, which is always good. Le bouchon transparent The transparent lid does not clip fermely on the pencil, it opens easily by itself, which can cause messes. The product is quite pigented and it glies on easily on the lips. The staying power is really good, it definitely helps the lipstick’s staying power when it is applied underneath. It a good product if you use it at home, because travelling with it is not convenient.

Coloricon Eyebrow Pencil and Définisseur à sourcils in Moments de Blondeur, Brunette Coquette de Wet N Wild 3$ et swatches
Coloricon Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde Moments, Brunettes Do It Better and Brow Definer by Wet N Wild 3$ and swatches

The texture is creamy and it glides easily on the eyebrow. It is not too slippery nor too waxy, which gives a natural effect. The color stays all day long, especially when the clear pencil is applied on top of it. This clear pencil really helps the staying power without making them too hard, they keep a natural aspect. The spoolie end is precise enough to brush through the hair efficiently.

Rouge à Lèvres avec FPS 15 couleur C'est une fille, Briques-à-brac de Wet N Wild 3$ et swatches
Lipstick with SPF 15 in It’s A Girl, Within These Adobe Walls by Wet N Wild 3$ and swatches

The texture is really creamy and moisturizing on the lips, it does not accentuate the fine lines on the lips. The pigmentation is quite good and the shape of the product makes it easy to apply on the lips with precision. The packaging is not the best, because the product does not retract completely inside it. Moreover, the lid opens easily by itself, which can cause mess if you carry it on in a makeup bag.


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