Reviews of Maybelline products

Maybelline Products
EBrow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in Blond 12$

This tinted brow gel does not make my brow hair look too unnatural, it is the perfect middle ground between a natural look and a good hold. The end of the spoolie is scary at first sight because of its weird spheric shape, but it is really easy to use in reality. It is better for thicker brows, because it can be messy to use on thinner brows as it will put product on the skin as well if the brow ain’t thick enough. Nonetheless, on my brows, it does a fairly good job to hold the hair in place and the application is very quick for mornings that you do not have time for a more elaborate brow routine.

Define-A-Brow in Dark Brown 9$

This pencil is really fine and thus makes a natural effect onhe brows as it mimics really well the hair. The texture is nor too waxy nor too creamy, it applies easily on the brows but it does not move outside of them. The only downside is the packaging, it is good that it is a retractable pencil, but the tip does not go back in the tube once it is up. Morever, the plastic spoolie end is really tiny and does not do much to blend the product more naturally in the brows.

Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black 9$

This eyeliner has a ferm felt tip, it is not a brush, which makes it easier to do an even line to the lid. It is truly waterproof, it does not budge on my eyes all day long and the black is really black, with a satin finish, it is not completely matte.

Big Eyes The Falsies Volum Express Mascara in Brown-Black 13$

I love this mascara because it gives my lashes both lenght and volume. The packaging is truly amazing because the little side is so perfect for the lower lash line and the big side does great at separate every lash. Once it is set, it does not budge nor flake.

Colorshow Khol liner in Barely Beige 6$

This eyeliner is a classic pencil eyeliner, it fits into regular sharpeners. The color is perfect for a natural awaken look to the waterline. Unfortunately it does not have a great staying power, it stays only 2 to 3 hours in my waterline, I need to reapply it several times during the day. It is better to use it as a cream base in the inner corner to enhance the eyeshadow inner corner highlight that you are going to apply on top of it.

Line Express Eyeliner in Eternal Forest 7$

This product is quite pigmented, you only need 2 strikes to get a perfect line. It is easy to smudge it with the sponge tip side, but once it is set it does not move, the staying power is really good. The packaging is nice, the clear lid on both sides is secured, it does not fall, it is perfect to travel with it.

Swatches of Maybelline Products

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