Review of Freedom Makeup products


Palette Pro Blush & Highlight in Peach Spice 12$
I really like this palette, it is compact and it has what you need to warm up your complexion. The 3 first blushes look too much alike for me, there is not a good variety, they look the same once applied on the cheeks, I would have liked to see a more diverse color selection. The staying power is amazing, it last 8h hours on my oily skin and it blends easily on the skin. The big mirror is a nice touch that makes it easier to travel with it.


Conceal Palette in Light 12$
This palette contains every light skin tone color you need to achieve a flawless complexion. It is compact and travel-friendly, the pans are large enough for a big foundation brush. The texture is smooth, not too heavy nor too slippery, it is the perfect consistency to have a good coverage without caking the skin. The staying power is great, it usually lasts 6h to 8h on my very oily skin when I powder it.


Kit Pro Shade & Brighten in Shimmers, Stunning Rose, Play, Mattes 5$
These little compact palettes are perfect to travel, they contain matte and shimmer shades which let you create a full look. The pans are a little small, some flat shadow brush can’t fit in, but it is normal given the little size of the palettes. The pigmentation is good, but some shimmer shades are flaky, the matte shades are great.

Palette Decadence couleur Rock & Roll 12$
The pigmentation is great, the matte shades are as good as the satin shades, which is rare. They both are a little powdery, but nothing too disturbing, they are still easy to work with. The shade selection is appropriate for autumn and winter seasons, it is a must-have for vampy looks. The pans are large enough to fit a large flat eyeshadow brush and the palette is compact and possess a big mirror which makes traveling easier.


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