Flops from ELF and their substitutes

In every brand, there is good and bad products. I love ELF brand, but some products are total flops. I will show you some substitutes, so that you can put your money in a product that really works.
Lengthening & Defining Mascara 1$ 2,5ml
3-in-1 Mascara 3$ 12ml
This mascara makes my lashes clump together. It smudges badly under my lower lashline and it does not make my lashes look longer. The substitute defines my lashes and it gives them more lenght and volume. It lasts all day without smudging.
Tone Correcting Concealer 1$ 2,3 ml
HD Lifting Concealer 3$ 6.5 ml
This concealer contains a little amount of product and it has a very light coverage. It creases on the undereye area, the staying power is pretty weak. The substitute contains a fair amount of product and the coverage is really good. It lasts all day without creasing on the undereye area.
Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Coffee 2$ 1,8ml
Liquid Eyeliner in Coffee 1$ 2,5ml
The pigmentation is weak and the felt tip liner loses its shape after a few uses. This product does not have a long staying power and the tip dries out after a few weeks. The substitute is pigmented and has a brush tip that distributes evenly the product on the eye. This product does not dry out and it has a good staying power.
Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Ruby Slipper 1$ 1,5ml
Ex-tra Lip Gloss in Michael 2$ 2,6ml
This gloss is pigmented, but it is very tacky and it does not contain much product. The substitute feels light weight on the lips, it is not tacky at all.
High Definition Powder 6$ 8g
This loose powder matifies the skin really well and it reduces pores apparence. But, the packaging is not convenient, the powder goes everywhere when you open it. The substitute does the job equally good, but it is a pressed powder, so there is no mess and the mirror is perfect for traveling.
Translucent Matifying Powder 3$ 3,8g
Prime and Stay Finishing Powder 2$ 5g
There is not much product in the packaging and there is a big lack of space because of the sponge provided. The substitute contains a lot more product for less money and there is no lack of space in the clear packaging.


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