Review of the new Wet N Wild products

Megaglo Contouring Palette in Dulce de Leche, Caramel Toffee 6$

All colors are matte, the first contour is more cool tone, it is perfect for fair skin. The highlight shades does not accentuate fine lines under the eyes, they are perfect for setting under eye concealer. The product is very soft but it is a little powdery. The pigmentation is awesome and the blendability is very good, it does not make strikes on the skin. The lasting power is pretty good, it is definitely worth it for its little price.

Megaglo Illuminating Palette in Catwalk Pink 6$

This palette is versatile, you can use each shades individually or together. I use the first 2 shades as highlighter and the last 2 as blushes. The pigmentation is decent but buildable, you can achieve a more natural look or a bolder look easily. The lasting power is really good, I can still see it on my skin after 8 hours.

Max Volume Plus Waterproof Mascara 5$

This mascara gives lenght and volume to my lashes, but it clumps them. The formula is dry, it can be build up to the desired effect. It smudges a lot under the lower lash line, the staying power is not good.

Megaliner in Voltage Blue 4$

This eyeliner has a brush tip that distributes the product easily, you can create fine and thick lines with it. The pigmentation is amazing and the staying power is pretty good even if it is not waterproof.

Photofocus Lash Primer 5$

This eyelash primer helps my lashes by giving them more lenght and volume. The product is white when applied but when it dries down it becomes transparent.


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