Review of the new Hard Candy products

Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Color in Cherry Blossom 7$

The product is pigmented and truly matte, but it is not long wearing nor transfer proof. You can build the color, it is not streaky. After 5 hours without eating or drinking, it wears off pretty evenly at least, but you need to reapply it to have a fully pigmented color. It is a little drying, but that is normal for a matte lipstick. The packaging is super cute and original.

Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concelaer 7$

This concealer has an insane coverage, you need to use a very little amount of it, a little goes a long way. If you use too much product, it will look super cakey on the skin and it will crease on the undereye area. The little concealer pencil is too rough and has a weird yellow color, it is not good at all.

Glamoflauge Invisible Camouflage Foundation 8$

This foundation has a medium to full coverage if built it up. It does not goes on easily, it clings to any dry patches you have on your skin, it does not look natural at all. It has a liquid to powder finish, it is better for people with very oily skin.

Look Pro ! Ultimate Strobing Kit 9$

The staying power of these powders is excellent, it lasts several hours on my oily skin. The blendability is very different from one another, the bronzer is very hard to blend, the blush is ok and the highlighters are easy to blend. The strobing creme does not do much on the skin, it is very subtle. The brush is really great to apply highlighter, but it is too little for blush or bronzer, it does not blend those easily.


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