Review of new NYX products

Liquid Suede in Tea & Cookies 10$

This cream liquid lipstick has a thin consistency, it feels lightweight on the lips. Unfortunately, the application is streaky, you have to pass a few times to get an even color. It has a semi-matte finish, it never dries down completely, so it is not transfer-proof. The wear time is about five hours, after that it starts to fade unenvenly. Because it never dries totally, it feels super comfortable on the lips. The applicator is a flat sponge tip, which makes it a little hard to get a precise application.

High Definition Blush in Taupe 8$

This blush is a light matte cool tone brown, which makes it perfect for contouring on fair skin. The product blends nicely to the skin, it is not streaky at all. The color lasts about seven hours on my very oily skin, which is very good. The packaging is cute and sturdy, which makes it perfect to travel with. The square pan makes it perfect to fit a large contour brush.

Lip Lingerie in Embellishment 9$

This liquid lipstick dries down totally matte, but you still have time to work it on your lips to make it perfect. The product is pigmented and buildable. It is totally transfer-proof, you can eat and drink with it without problem. It is not too drying on the lips, if you moisturize well your lips beforehand. The color is really original, it is a cool tone greyish mauve. The applicator has a thin flat side, which makes it easy to apply on the inner corners of your lips.


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